Choosing a Contractor for Home Elevation

You may wonder what to ask a contractor before you elevate your home.  Obtaining multiple estimates from potential home elevation contractors is highly recommended.  When interviewing potential contractors, including Coastal Shoring, make sure you ask the following:

May I have a copy of your contractor’s license?
All contractors should be able to provide a copy of their licensing. Ensure the company has the specialty of “raising and leveling” on the license.  Visit the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors to find out if companies have the proper licensing. Coastal Shoring is a licensed and bonded home elevation company.

May I have the name of your insurance company so I can verify your insurance?
Each company also is required to carry insurance to protect the homeowner.  Shoring companies should have both general liability and workman’s compensation coverage.  If the contractor does not provide you with a copy, the insurance company will send proof of insurance directly to the you upon request.

Does your company use an engineer?
A registered civil engineer is required by law to review, approve and submit a scope of work to the local government.  You also may hire your own engineer.

How long have you been in business locally?
It will benefit you to know how much experience a contractor has in your local area.

Do you have a list of references?
Make sure you drive by the location of other home elevation sites to ensure your chosen contractor performs quality work.

What type of jacking system do you use, and do you own your own machines?
Experienced contractors should own its own equipment.  This protects you, the homeowner, from a lien being placed on your home in the event of the elevation contractor neglecting to pay the subcontractor.

What is the warranty on your work?
Contractors should provide a warranty on the individual foundation piers.


As you probably already know, there have been many contractors who have been banned from participation in the home elevation program.  Make sure your contractor is not participating in any of the following illegal practices:

  • Promising trips or gifts that exceed the limitations of the home elevation program.
  • Encouraging you to get out of a contract you have already signed.
  • Refusing to produce a copy of insurance, license or warranty documents.
  • Promising to forgive the $30,000 home elevation credit if you have already spent the funds.
  • Promising large amounts of money or additional construction projects.
  • Rushing you to sign a contract with that particular company and discouraging you to check references.

What if another company ruined my home elevation project?

Several companies have been banned from the home elevation grant program in Louisiana.  These companies may have started home elevation projects and not completed them or they may have disappeared with money that was granted to homeowners.

So what happens if you have been left with a half-complete home elevation project or if the contractors never started the project at all?  Call Coastal Shoring, and we will help you understand your options.  There is recourse for people who had contracts with elevation companies that have been banned from the program.